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Chinese Zodiac Family T-Shirts


Chinese Zodiac Family T-Shirts


Chinese Zodiac Family T-Shirts

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So HUAT pun hong baos

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So HUAT pun hong baos


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About La Savi Craft Gifts

Bespoke Gifts & Meaningful Memories

In a time where Whatsapp, Instagram and Zoom become common ways to keep in touch, and eCommerce brings convenient shopping to the palms of our hands, it's even more important to celebrate the cherished relationships with the ones we love and those who inspire us in even the smallest way. 

La Savi Craft Gifts was born of the idea that the gifts we give should be as special as the person receiving them and the memories that we share. Whether it's personalising a simple coffee mug, or memorialising a hand written letter or plane ticket stub in a pearlescent resin tray, we will help you craft bespoke gifts or cast a meaningful memento from your past into beautiful, decorative keepsakes that your recipient will cherish for years to come. 

All our gifts are handcrafted to order at our home-based workshop in Bukit Timah, Singapore with complimentary delectable gift packaging. 

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